Keep Track of Your Valuables

Safeguard your personal belongings, by placing QR codes on you precious items.


is Loqater?

Loqater is a tool to help people get their lost items back. By placing QR codes on the item, and getting notified whenever someone finds it. Will make retrieving items a seemless experience like never before!



Keep track of your valuables

Wherever they are, on a plane, in a subway, or the opposite side of the globe. You can always get your item back.

Get notified

Receive notificaions for your lost items.

Retreive your lost items

Get your lost items back by going to where it was found, or contacting who found it.

Seemless & Private

No one can know who you are or any of your personal info after finding your lost item.



does it work?

Get Your Stickers

Reach out to us to request a batch of stickers. Whether you are a distributer or a getting Loqater codes for your business, we can make unique code designs, just for you!

Register Your Item

Attach your Loqater code to your valuable item, and link it with the Loqater app.

Get notified for lost items

Get notified whenever someone scans your item, and files a found report. Now you know where the item is, or whom safeguarded it with him, for you to get it.

What are you waiting for?

Download Loqater on IOS and Android now!